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Bromazepam 6mg

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Bromazepam 6mg

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Product Name: Bromazepam 6mg

Name of active ingredient: Bromazepam

Manufactured by: HQ Pharma

Dosage: 6mg

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Shipped from: EU

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What does this medicine do and what is it used for?

The active substance in Bromazepam 6mg is bromazepam.

Bromazepam 6mg belongs to the benzodiazepines. It has a calming, muscle relaxant and reduces anxiety. Doctors prescribe it for anxiety and anxiety and social phobia. Anxiety and anxiety


Everyone is sometimes anxious. Fear is a normal reaction to imminent danger. It leads to caution or fleeing, so it is a useful form of self-protection. Sometimes someone is anxious when there is little reason to do so: for example if you do not dare to go outside or do not dare to go shopping in a busy store. We then speak of an anxiety disorder. Anxiety often causes complaints such as headache, stomach pain, sleeping problems and irritability. Intense anxiety can cause palpitations, tightness, sweating, chest pain, tremors, a feeling of fainting, or tingling in the limbs.

Treatment In case of anxiety and tension due to severe events, you can use this medicine for a few days to weeks. Do the anxiety and tension last longer, or is there a psychological cause? Then they are usually treated with psychotherapy or with antidepressants.

Effect Bromazepam 6mg This drug dampens emotions and therefore has a calming effect when you are anxious or tense. This also reduces physical complaints, such as palpitations, abdominal pain, tremors and sweating, which are often accompanied by anxiety and tension. This medication is a temporary relief for these symptoms. However, it does not solve the cause of your tension. It can be useful for very intense emotions and for a short period of time.


Bromazepam 6mg You will become calmer within one hour of taking it. This effect lasts for more than twelve hours. After a few weeks, there is a chance that you have become dependent on the drug. You will notice withdrawal symptoms when you stop swallowing, such as anxiety, headaches, muscle pain, insomnia, restlessness and irritability. Therefore, do not use this medicine for longer than a few weeks. Social phobia Symptoms In social phobia people have an extreme and unhealthy fear of criticism from others. One suffers from physical symptoms, such as shaking, sweating, flushing and palpitations. Everyone suffers from this to a minor extent.

Treatment If the complaints are extremely common, your doctor may opt for continuous treatment with a drug from the antidepressant group, in addition to discussions with a psychiatrist or psychologist (behavioral therapy). If this has insufficient effect, the doctor can prescribe alprazolam.

Effect Bromazepam 6mg

Bromazepam 6mg has a calming effect and reduces anxiety. This makes you react less violently to situations that are socially threatening to you. You will become calmer within one hour of taking it. This effect lasts for more than twelve hours.

Side effects Bromazepam 6mg

What side-effects should I pay attention to?

In addition to the desired effect, this drug can cause side effects. The main side effects are the following.

Regularly, especially during the first weeks of use

Drowsiness, fatigue and, less often, sleepiness. This reduces your ability to react and concentrate, which increases the risk of accidents. For example, accidents can occur in traffic, when climbing a ladder, operating equipment or during surveillance and control activities. But you are also more likely to fall if you have to get out of bed at night to go to the toilet.

Rarely, especially the first weeks of use

- Impaired coordination. This may make you clumsy in your movements and have trouble speaking clearly (articulating).

- Muscle weakness, feeling of weakness in muscles. This side effect can cause other complaints, such as: Blurred or double vision, due to a temporary effect on the eye muscles. Urinary incontinence or difficulty in passing urine. These side effects are caused by insufficient control of the bladder muscle. Snoring due to the weakening of the uvula. During your sleep, have you ever had problems that your breath stops for a short time (sleep apnea)? You may be more affected by this medicine. If you notice this, please contact your doctor. Fall, mainly because this drug also decreases coordination. The elderly and people with muscle diseases are particularly at risk of this. People with myasthenia gravis (a serious muscle disease) may be more prone to this disease. Consult your doctor if symptoms get worse (such as general muscle weakness, double vision,

- Slower thinking, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, less alert, confusion. These complaints may increase if you use this medicine for a longer period of time.

- Decrease feelings: this drug not only flattens emotions such as fear and tension, but also positive ones, such as happiness and satisfaction. Your involvement and empathy for others can also diminish.


- Gastrointestinal disorders, such as nausea, constipation and diarrhea, dry mouth or extra saliva, problems swallowing. Changed appetite: more or less appetite. This also changes body weight.

- Headache and dizziness. These side effects usually go away after some time as you get used to the drug.

- Sweating and palpitations.

- Dry eyes. Especially people with contact lenses can suffer from dry eyes.
- Rash and itching. Usually this is harmless, but (very rarely) the symptoms can be serious. If the rash looks unusual, if it affects you, or if you also develop a fever or blisters, see your doctor.

- Dependency. You may experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it. This is very unlikely with short-term use. People who use this medicine for longer than two months in a row have a high chance of this. Therefore, always taper off gradually if you have been taking this medicine for more than two months.

Very rarely

- Vivid dreams or nightmares, usually in the early morning.

- Unrest and irritability. So opposite symptoms than you would expect from this drug. Delusions and hallucinations can also occur. Children and the elderly are especially sensitive to these side effects. Consult the doctor in case of these symptoms. A lower dose or a different medicine may be needed.

- Memory loss of events that occur while you are taking this drug. For example, nighttime events.

- Depressed feelings can be revealed.

- Less sex drive.

Consult your doctor if you experience too much of any of the above side effects or if you experience any other side effects that you are concerned about.

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