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Dormicum Midazolam 15 mg by Roche N

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Dormicum Midazolam 15 mg by Roche N

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Product Name: Dormicum Midazolam 15 mg

Name of active ingredient: Midazolam

Manufactured by: Roche

Dosage: 15mg

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What does this medicine do and what is it used for?

Dormicum 15 mg The active substance in Dormicum 15 mg is midazolam. Midazolam is one of the benzodiazepines. It has a calming effect, relaxes muscles, reduces feelings of anxiety and affects the transmission of electrical stimuli in the brain. Doctors prescribe it for insomnia, agitation, seizures of epilepsy, hiccups and alcohol withdrawal. Insomnia Symptoms Insomnia is referred to when someone has been sleeping poorly for some time and therefore does not function properly during the day. Sleeping problems often arise from stress or worry. But physical complaints such as pain or itching can also cause insomnia. TherapyIf you come to your doctor with sleep problems, the doctor will usually not prescribe a sedative right away. The doctor will first try to remedy the cause of the sleep complaints. For example with a painkiller if you suffer from pain. Or with soothing advice if you stay awake mainly due to worry.

Some of these advices are:

- Exercise during the day or early in the evening.

- Do something relaxing an hour before going to sleep.

- Do not take naps during the day.

- Keep a steady rhythm when you go to bed and get up.

- Do not have coffee in the evening.

- Do not take alcohol to sleep.

- Do not take solid food 2 to 3 hours before going to bed.

- Provide a quiet, cool bedroom and a nice bed.

- Do not use the bedroom as a work, study or TV room.

- If you can't sleep, get up and do something else in another room. Do not go back to bed until you are tired.

If these measures do not help or are not possible for you, the doctor may prescribe this medicine for a few days. Effect Dormicum 15 mg (Midazolam) has a muscle relaxant, calming effect and makes drowsy. It thus promotes that you fall asleep. This medication is especially suitable if you have difficulty falling asleep. So not if you expect to wake up often during the night. Effect Usually within half an hour after taking it you will become sleepy and calm. Therefore, make sure that you are at home, do not have to do complicated jobs and that you can easily reach your bed. The effect usually lasts for two to four hours. This sleeping aid only works well if you use it occasionally. For example every three days. With daily use, the effect diminishes because your body gets used to the effect.Use in seriously ill people Dormicum 15 mg is also used in people who are seriously ill or dying. It is given when they are very anxious, agitated, confused or in a lot of pain.

They are artificially kept asleep by this drug. Due to the short duration of action of this drug, it is also possible to wake up quickly in the meantime. It is also possible that people sleep all night and are awake for a few hours during the day. This drug is then usually administered by intravenous drip or injection. Restlessness During examinations or minor proceduresMedical examinations or minor medical procedures can sometimes be so unpleasant that you are very restless. This makes the procedure more difficult and increases pain and discomfort. This medicine allows you to undergo an examination or procedure more relaxed. This drug also has a muscle relaxant effect, which is an additional advantage for certain procedures. For example, if a tube has to be inserted during an endoscopy. The tablet works within half an hour. The injection works within ten minutes. The effect usually lasts for two to four hours. In case of severe agitation or restlessnessThis medicine is sometimes given when you are very agitated or restless. This can be so serious that you and are a danger to yourself and the environment. The care provider will first try to calm you down. If this does not work, the care provider can give you a calming agent such as Dormicum 15 mg.

This drug is then administered by injection. The injection works within ten minutes. Epilepsy Symptoms Epilepsy (epilepsy) is a disorder of the brain in which a kind of short circuit occurs in the brain. This happens in attacks. The brain is then disrupted, for example, resulting in muscle twitching or unconsciousness. Cause Epilepsy can have all kinds of causes, for example a lack of oxygen during birth, meningitis, an accident, a stroke and (rarely) a brain tumor. However, the cause is usually unknown and there is a predisposition. The disease can develop at any age but usually starts in childhood. TherapyIf your seizure lasts longer than five minutes, it must be stopped quickly. Usually this is done with an enema containing diazepam. Sometimes midazolam is used. Midazolam can then be administered by people close to you. Midazolam can be administered as a nasal spray, an injection, or an enema. It can also be administered through the cheek pouch. Midazolam is then absorbed into the blood through the cheek pouch.

Dormicum 15 mg is sometimes used in newborn children with seizures. The doctor often starts with phenobarbital. If phenobarbital doesn't work, the doctor can use midazolam. Effect Midazolam affects stimuli in the brain that can trigger epileptic seizures. Midazolam as an enema works within 10 to 20 minutes. Midazolam as an injection works within minutes. The effect lasts for 2 to 4 hours. Constant hiccups CauseWith hiccups, the diaphragm (a muscle between the stomach and lungs) contracts by itself. It can be caused by eating or drinking too quickly, not chewing properly or by carbonated drinks. Alcohol can also cause hiccups. The nerves in the throat and diaphragm are stimulated by this and the diaphragm starts to contract (cramps). Sometimes people with a disease of the lung membranes or stomach often have hiccups. Usually the hiccups are harmless, it generally disappears after a short time. Occasionally, however, the hiccups last for several days or longer. This can lead to chest pain and exhaustion. TherapyEating and drinking slowly is the best way to prevent hiccups. Baclofen is sometimes given for prolonged hiccups. If this does not work, or is not possible, Dormicum 15 mg can be given. How this medicine works for hiccups is not known. Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms If you are addicted to alcohol and want to stop, you may experience withdrawal symptoms, such as excessive sweating, nausea, headache, irritability, anxiety, increased heart rate, tremors, insomnia, hallucinations and seizures. Treatment Midazolam is used to reduce these withdrawal symptoms for the first few days after stopping.

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